How to Choose Bridesmaid Dress

Choosing the right bridesmaid is no easy task, especially if you have numerous bridesmaids. Getting them to agree on one dress is nothing short of a miracle. There are multiple aspects that you should put into consideration when selecting the right dress, which makes it overwhelming. Trying to make every bridesmaid look perfect on your special day may be daunting, that’s why we’ve put together helpful tips to make it easier to choose an ideal dress for your maids.

Consider the Venue and the Season

consider the venueThe venue determines the type of dress you’ll choose. If you are doing a ballroom wedding ballroom or cinderella kind of gowns would be most appropriate. Light shades would make a match for a garden wedding., while simple dresses with shades of blue or green would complement the sea if you are planning on a beach wedding.
As much you may have a theme color in mind, the weather also heavily determines what to wear. Simple floral and flowing dresses may look misplaced in the winter but look elegant and classy in summer. At the same time, plump eggplant elegant gowns may look overdressed for a winter wedding.

Factor in the Budget

consider the budgetSetting a budget is a great way to start as in place before getting caught up in the shopping euphoria. A budget will likely anchor you on the kind of dress that is workable and make it easier to narrow down on dresses which is a great starting point. You may consult with your bridesmaid on how much they are willing to spend on a dress to avoid misunderstanding and standoff while shopping.

Evaluate Skin Tones

Your bridesmaids will likely have different skin tones making it challenging to choose a gown that will suit all. Go for a dress that is soft and easy on all skin tones and textures. Go for a color that will flatter their skin tones.

Consider Your Gown and Fiancee’s Views

Even though your gown may not affect the bridesmaid dress, you can choose a dress that matches your gown’s theme. This will be great for blending and not make the bridesmaids not look misplaced. Your fiance may have suggestions or preference that you may incorporate to blend into the occasion. You may also decide to choose a gown that blends in with the groomsmen.…

Protective Styling for Natural Hair

The role of protective styling is to protect hair from damage. When the hair is exposed to harsh weather, it tends to get damaged. If you are looking for a break from your hair care routine, then it is time to consider protective styling.

With protective hair styles for natural hair, you do not have to go to a professional. There are some styles that you can do on your own from home. You can use hair extensions or even braid your hair.

Protective Style Tips

Protect the Edges

braided hairWhen doing protective styling, it is very important to protect your edges. The hair around your edges is weak, and you need to remember that putting a lot of pressure will make it even weaker.

The role of protective styling is to protect your hair in the first place. Using minimal pressure on the edges will go a long way in protecting your edges.

Avoid Tight Styles

The idea behind protective styling is to make sure that you do not make very tight styles. If you pull the hair too much then it will come out of the roots.

Remember you are protecting your hair and pulling your hair is the last thing that you want to do. You need to forget about making the hairstyle neat and focus on having a style that will be comfortable.

Advantages of Protective Styling

Change your Look

If you want to change the look of your hair, then it is time to consider protective style. Protective styling will give you an opportunity to achieve a new look. For instance, if your hair is not long, then you add hair extension for protective styling. The hair extensions will give an impression of long hair without necessarily taking time to grow your hair to the desired length.

Protect Hair

natural hair protective styleJust as the name suggests, the role of protective styling is to protect your hair. When you do protective styling, you will protect your hair from damage. Protective styling reduces the temptation to keep on manipulating the hair. The more you keep shampooing and combing your hair, the more you damage the hair and encourage hair shedding.

Texturize Hair

Protective styling will help you texturize your hair. If you feel that your hair is too dry, then a protective style for a few weeks will help in relaxing the tough curls, and the hair will become a little bit texturized.…