What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

The term wisdom teeth refer to the farthest growing teeth from the dental arches. Also widely known as the third molars, this part of the mouth erupts in the back side of the gum, often shoving and pushing the fully-grown molars and creating unbearable pain due to the lack of available space to grow. Despite its prominent name that sounds like it marks the beginning of one’s growing wisdom, it surprisingly does not relate to any kinds of human wisdom. Instead, the teeth eruptions are one significant sign that one’s adolescence has arrived.

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Among all the circulating myths and facts about the wisdom teeth, it is vital to sort things out to give the people a better understanding about what they and their teenage sons or daughters deal with. Adolescence is an inevitable phase that one must go through in life, and so are the molars. Other than medical perspectives to perceive and understand the phenomenon, below are several facts about these molars that everyone needs to know.

The Eruption

wooden dentistry signThe majority of the people have four wisdom molars, two in the upper jaw and the other two in the lower jaw. However, some recent studies show that not all of those molars have the full capacity to grow, leaving only one or two molars to erupt. Related to that conclusion, the growth of the lower teeth is considered vital as it triggers the growth of the upper ones. But still, this growth often ends up in failure.

When the four molars do not grow adequately, the presence of the molars remains unerupted. In short, one may still have the unerupted teeth in the back side of their gums, but the growth of the molars is apparently another story as not all people are blessed with four wisdom molars. Then, the phenomenon of a person with thirty-two teeth perfectly aligned and functional has been one rare phenomenon in the department of dentistry.

The Removal

The eruption of these last molars often requires the molars to bulge through the gums, and it usually comes with unbearable pain. The mefenamic acid will be more than enough to sooth the pain away. However, the effect stays temporarily, forcing them to take the medicine regularly. With it being a painful experience, removal offers a much better solution to the problem. Many clinics are providing the service, such as the Affordable Baton Rouge wisdom teeth extraction – Tigersmiledental.com. Then, it is wise to inquire about the service and decide which one is suitable for your condition.…